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  • Getting Organized- is it just another project?

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    I’m sure I can speak for many of us when I say that once we’re set in our ways, it’s hard to change!  This is especially true when we have an active schedule and we don’t have time to evaluate our routines, to see if we are being as efficient as we could be.

    We get into a schedule- and the pace is very fast- and we move into “survival mode”, just accomplishing what needs to be done at the time.  Rest assured, most times we’re doing what really should be done.  Studies on human behaviour find interesting results. One study shows how people engage change for the better.  The hurdles we experience are before realizing that the change will help us- that the change will cause us to have more free time, reduce our stress, and be more productive.  Many get stuck at the first obstacle, when they fail to see the forest for the trees, so to speak.  

    Getting out of our non-productive routine means exploring paths that for us, have never been travelled.  Our minds quickly begin devaluing the process, and it can became just “another project” that we can’t fit into our day.  We’ve been stuck in our ways for so long that we’re just used to the extra stress, the unbearable workloads and undue pressure throughout our days.  
    As we get older, like it or not, we realize that are efficiencies need to change, and usually this is when our bodies start to “burn out”.  Be proactive and take time now to step back and evaluate your routines, your processes, and make sure you schedule in some spare time to reflect on what is going on around you.  Awareness is important to the decisions you make in your life.  I have seen people quit jobs not knowing what they are going to do next.  They are enticed by the simple fact that they can stop the pressure immediately during a time of “overload”.  
    Not everyone is motivated to be the best they can be- and for the most part, those people will not be reading these blogs.  Our readers are willing to embrace change, or at least the idea of taking steps in that direction.  Our readers see the value in sharing ideas and finding ways to improve our personal mark in this world.  Find out what you want out of life and then realize what you have to do to get it.  Take action.  Go out and get it.   Have a vision of what you want and see it clearly-  this gives us the mental validation that we are on the right track.
    Set yourself up for daily evaluation,  I call it “validating my path”, making sure that I remained focused on what I needed to do that day.  
    Yesterday was a long day, one that I had planned for weeks ago.  I was prepared for the long day, which started at 5am and didn’t end until midnight.   Having a plan was what kept me on track throughout that day.  When I finally arrived home, I was tired, but the rewards of that day were a source of energy for me- I felt satisfied.  
    Embrace change.  Be the best that you can be.  Make your mark.
    And don’t forget to call your mother!

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